2015 RMVMC Classes

Notes: These classes are based upon AVDRA classes except that we run some combined, for example GP 2-3 combines the AVDRA GP2 and GP 3 classes.  Note that we may not have formal inspections, but understand that at AVDRA national races their technical inspections may be strict.  See the AVDRA classes and rules page for more information.

     AVDRA Classes Page:

 *Classic Stock
Bikes 1970 and earlier, including Euro 125.  
    This encompasses the AVDRA Dino, Classic Stock Open, Classic Stock 125 and Euro 125 classes, see AVDRA website for details and specific bike exceptions.
 (Novice, Intermediate, Expert)  No age group classes.
Bikes pre-1975 by Displacement
    Era correct travel limits.  No modifications allowed that exceed the OEM travel for a bike. 
125 (Novice, Intermediate, Expert)
250 (Novice, Intermediate, Expert)
Open (Novice, Intermediate, Expert)
 Vintage Age Group
Bikes pre-1975 by rider age, Era correct travel limits.
  Age Groups: under 40, +40, +50, +60, +70
 *GP 1
Bikes 1975-1977 by Displacement
    Includes era Four Strokes (4x9) with travel limited to 9 in front and rear, no disc brake. 
 (Novice, Intermediate, Expert)  All Sizes
  GP 2-3
Bikes 1978-1984  by Displacement
    No disc brake.
125 (Novice, Intermediate, Expert)
250 (Novice, Intermediate, Expert)
Open (Novice, Intermediate, Expert)
  GP 4-5 
Bikes 1985-1999  by Displacement
    Disc brake allowed.   
125 (Novice, Intermediate, Expert)
 250 (Novice, Intermediate, Expert)
 Open (Novice, Intermediate, Expert)
 GP Age Group Bikes 1975-1984 by rider age, no disc brake (No GP 4-5 bikes)
  Age Groups: under 40, +40, +50, +60, +70
 Womens Women's class, all bikes
(Novice, Intermediate, Expert) abilities

Check with the Kids coordinator at the track if question about correct classes!
 Kids 50: 50cc 2 STOKES AND 90cc 4 STROKES. (age guideline to 8 yrs old)
 KIDS 65: 65cc 2 STROKES AND 110cc 4 STROKES (age guideline 7-11 yrs)
 Kids 85: 85cc 2 strokes and 150cc 4 strokes  (age guideline 9-15 yrs old)
Bikes Year 2000 or newer by Displacement:  
  250 (Novice, Intermediate, Expert)
  Open (Novice, Intermediate, Expert)
 Modern Age GroupBikes Year 2000 or newer by rider age:
  Age Groups: under 40, +40, +50, +60, +70
Ability Levels:
  • Expert - Used to be real fast.  Good track skills.
  • Intermediate - More experience, If you have been racing modern bikes you should at least be intermediate.
  • Novice - Some experience!